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FreelancerStuff (FLS) came to life with the idea of sharing quality design recources that a modern designer might need in its next project. We thrive to bring you the best of the best for each of our free graphics, web and design resources.

As designer and developer, we were always looking for the one place to quench our thirst of quality resources to make our work easier and give us inspiration. Doing so we realized that we could offer those ourselves bringing to the table our own quality seal but also create a community around our work. Please enjoy going through what FLS offer, and if you like what we do please spread the word so that all can benefit from our work.

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What Our Users Think

Gorgeous mockups! I only wish you could also include US letter with your A4 mockups. Still worth it to tweak these to fit letter size, as these are well-made and beautiful.

Coriss Ambady

That looks awesome, thanks for your cool work guys. Love all of your stuff. Thanks for sharing such a good design stuff and all free. Just one click away :)

Susann Orth

Hello there! I really want to download this mockup.Unfortunately it does not work. Maybe its because of my computer. Can anybody send me the file through wetransfer please? I really need it for a showcase! Thx

Barclay Widerski

Pretty good buttons. Thanx.


Very nice buttons. Simple and clean. Thanx


Quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

Joe Shansky

Is it your own design? Fabulous!

Is it your own design? I like it!

It's not my own design. I've downloaded it for free from Internet and couldn't find any author or owner.


Sweet! This is a great resource.. Thanks for sharing.

Jacob Hodgson

Thank you for this handy (time-saving) resource!

Angela Pella

Thank you. Also, here are the 3 Bootstrap grids: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0feohGdChY-OEcwX1pRYkRBNWc/edit ( bootstrap3-30gutter-ex.zip )


Download doesn't work anymore…


Download is working. Thanks.

Marin Petrov

author font AC Line: www.behance.net/AnnaChurkina


Thanks Anna for the author information. This information has been added as a link.

Marin Petrov

Original Source: dribbble.com/shots/1327112-24-icons-Freebie?list=253864-Freebies


Amazing template. Thanx for sharing it with us for free ;)

Marin Petrov

Thank you for this stuff, really helps me. Great work.


Great font! and for free? what more could I ask.